Many schools, public, private & charter struggle to secure the funding they need to serve their programs and community.  Additionally school administrators also struggle to find time and new ways to keep their fundraising activities active.

Fundraising for your school or any organization is always challenging, but finding the right tools and technology can really lighten the load and seriously boost donations and community engagement.

Cause Events, a leading fundraising technology platform is providing the following tips and strategies to make your school fundraising events a success!

1. Start Your School Fundraiser Early

It makes sense that the earlier you start, the more money you can raise.  Start planning your fall fundraiser in the summer so when school starts, you have all the pieces put together.  Start thinking about your spring fundraiser after the new year so everyone is ready to go when the spring energy hits.

2. Build a Team With Complimentary Skills

Building an effective team for your school fundraiser is essential.  Find people that are passionate, have the time and clearly define their roles.  The more your team members understand their role and what is expected of them, the smoother your fundraising event will be.

3. Set Clear Fundraising Goals

What are you raising money for, and how much do you need?  Clear goals will keep everyone motivated, focused and on track. Don’t forget to heavily promote and remind everyone where the funds are going to – school trip, uniforms, overseas tournament, whatever it is should be well understood by your team and donors.  It’s important for the community to visualize what the students are working toward.

4. Choose Technology That Works For You

Choosing an online fundraising platform can greatly reduce the burden of fundraising, donor management and spreading the word.  Cause Events platform is the most effective way to raise funds with the lowest fees.  You can use software to promote your event, sell tickets, sell merchandise and hold auctions.  An effective online fundraising software can really help exceed your fundraising goals.

5. Keep Everyone Informed

Clear communication keeps things moving and helps everyone avoid surprises. Give parents and boosters advance notice so they are not caught off guard. Leverage social media to get the word out; Create Facebook events to keep people informed about the progress of your fundraiser.

6. Expand Your Reach

You can go beyond your own school community to gather support for your fundraiser. Most people will be delighted to help your school by purchasing retail items or participating in online auctions for concert tickets or trips.

7. Say Thank You In a Meaningful Way

Let your volunteers and donors know how much you appreciate them with hand written thank you cards from the kids or send links to photos of your event.  You can also record videos and put them online to thank everyone involved.  This is also a great way to set up next year’s fundraiser.

School fundraising can be easy and fun with the right approach and right fundraising software platform.  If you have questions or need guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact Cause Events, we’re here to assist you with the entire process – (844) 992-2873 or